Saturday, April 16, 2011

OZ Entertainment - Branding

My friend Shrikant Oza who is a DJ has now also started his own event/ artist management company. I was asked by him to design a logo for the brand and there really weren't any restrictions.

These are some of initial ideas, one of them dealt with grids:

One of the ideas I had come up with was to create a character/ mascot for the brand and the logo would be part of it. The logo/mascot would be one and the same. So I started toying with the idea of a monster who like to have fun.
And then slowly my illustrator file and my screen started to get filled with these green critters. A kind of Pac Man meets Android..i realised by the end of it :P
And "OZ" is ready...he's taken his first breathe on his very own Facebook page.. 
So here's how the final logo looks..

There's sooo much more happening for OZ right now.. Will upload some pics soon :)