Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lemon Tree's Second

I sit and wonder..
Should I be here? Right now..this very instant?
There are a thousand questions that go through my head..
What am I doing here?
Smoke....It's dim..
There's music all around..

I am contemplating my thoughts right now..
This is probably the weirdest thing I have ever said!
The music is really getting to me
I can't think...
But yet I am trying to (make sense)

Okay..now I sound stupid and I sound as if I want to be all profound and random
But really that's not what I am trying to do!!

It's just that I walked from Brigade Road to Gutahalli
Can't believe I did it..
But I was walking and walking and thinking about these random things
Watching as cars passed me by..I just thought about what those people lives were like
It's a habit I have had forever!

Hmmmm....randomness to the core..

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Can I See?

I get up every morning..
The dreams of last night still a blur..
Funny isn't it? How you can dream on and on
And then get up the next morning and almost not remember most of it
Well most of the times..I do..or at least so I think

But sometimes these random things make lots of sense
Okay..I am not talking about all those sub-conscious arty farty things
Your dreams make you see what you want
Duh !! Everyone knows that happens...
I speak of these random things that make sense not at that point
But later they do

I am confused because I can't seem to get my point across..
But imagine this..
You dream your having a conversation with someone you have never met
You are dreaming this of course..
Then you wake up and wonder..Who in the name of God was that?
Why in the world were we talking like best friends?
Then as fate would have it you meet that person..But wait..
You don't make the connection
You don't realise who he or she is
You don't seem to grasp the gravity of the situation

Then..days go by..
Months even..
Then one fine day you are sitting with that person having a conversation
It's just a normal day, just another ordinary hour passing by
The conversation seems to flowing like Wine and Cheese at a Page 3 Party..
Wheels turn in your mind..
I'm sure this was part of one of my dreams...

Okay..so you get exactly what I am talking about..

Sure...every one's had these Deja Vu's
But the point is it seams like so much more
No I am not saying I can see the future..
Though I can see something right??

What does it all mean?
Can one concur that there's a deeper or "PROFOUND" meaning to all of this?

I don't know..Maybe..

The point is..I CAN SEE...Can't I?

Saturday, August 18, 2007


A random glance,
I could care less..
After all I had better things in life to worry about.
Diwali crackers...

It's cold.
Do I know what's in store for me?
Some lime..
Wierd, no conversation.
Then it's forced.
Nothing! Nothing!
Something? Subtle?

Data, lots of it
Forced?I think not!
Take care...
I slip anyway

Como estas?
Reasons..Really silly ones

I forget
Work..Final projects

Data...like a saviour..
Cautious approach..
Questions and plans

It happens,the day
But I must act cool..(how stupid of me)
Never talk about "Perfect" again

Data transfer...Not free this time

Nothing works,
I am lost...
I have no words.
It's all forced again!

A reunion with a twist
But it's not lime..
But I float..float
Everything is a blur
I hear music

Left with myself..
I think..
Is it worth it?
But I....
I think it is
Though I know it's Not!
Will it ever be?

Just another person...
I am.

Lemon Tree's First

My first entry...
Do i really care??Well yes and no..
Why do I bother writing this random shit,i don't know..

Then again..lets leave it at that..
It's been a weird day..
Did nothing but felt sooo much.
Interesting feeling...Contemplating..

I was just sitting there looking at this hideous green pool of muck...and yet I could find serenity in it
Maybe it was the wind and those trees that were singing along in unison..
God knows..
I am not the kind to ponder...and yet I do
I am not the kind to who will try and answer life's big questions but I'd like to....but do I want to?

Okay clearly this going no where..
Back to where I was before..that Temple I visited today..
First of this whole Religious things gets me..
I walk in there,the priest gives me some "holy" water to drink..I drink it and then use the rest to settle my hair..
Is that OK?? guess not..
But what other use could I find for water "holy" or "unholy"
But the whole world will judge..After all doesn't everyone just need a reason to?
If not this then something else..
Isn't what we do based somehow with the sub-conscious idea that some one out there will judge?
Straying away from the topic aren't I? However, is there a topic really?

I guess I love meaning less banter..
After all I claim to "Have the Gift of the Gab"..
But whats all that stuff about talking to much??Is that even possible?
Or maybe it's all about talking or rather saying the right stuff..
Don't think I have figured that out as yet.
I need not even! (is this grammatically right??)

I guess my mind is straying to another world right now...Somewhere in that I need to be alone..
I need to think..and I am thinking...what I should have THUNK before?