Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Twins After All

Gurpreet and Navpreet sat playing at home. Summer vacations were always loved by all six year olds. But this summer vacation had turned damp since it had rained all of last week. The boys were playing a game of “What am I thinking about?”. The two were playing this “mind-exercise” on their mother insistence. She had said, “You two can't while your summer holidays. When you turn eight you will start your telepathy training. You should be 'Best' at it by then.”

The communicator beeped and Gurpreet dashed to answer the phone. He picked it up and before he could scream to his mummy who it was, she cut him off saying, “You know I can read your mind. I know it's Tulika's mother. You just always want a reason to scream.” She took the communicator and kept it quickly after a few “Accha, accha's.”

The twins had read bits of the conversation and knew they were going to be playing in Tulika's backyard. They were too excited to hear rest of the conversation. Their mother turned to ask them to pack their play-pods and they stood ready. Eager to leave.

Their mother dropped them off at Tulika's house and the two ran excited to the backyard, not bothering to enter her house. Tulika was already at the back of the house with her friend Priya, playing in their “Everything Pink Palace”. The twins entered the palace to see the girls having a glorious game of “House-house”. The two were pretending to be famous Bollywood actress of a bygone era.

Chalo.. Let's play. Stop all this girly stuff.”, Navpreet said impatiently.

Yeah. It's sunny outside and you two are sitting inside and playing all this virtual stuff. Aab let's go.”, Gurpreet said looking out from the palace, that looked like a pink make up room.

Yes, yes. We'll be out in a minute.” said Priya.

The boys looked at each and read each others minds and ran out. Gurpreet had an evil look on his face.

Let's play chor police and win. Boys versus girls.

No yaar, they'll never agree Gurpreet!! I think we should be on opposite teams and then we'll make sure that we catch the girls really fast since we can communicate.

Arre..but so can Tulika. And Priya can move objects. You know that right?

But we are brothers, we can communicate better. Plus all those exercises we have done are bound to help. Tulika's mother never makes her do them.

Their thoughts were interrupted by the two giggling girls.

So what are we playing? Hide and seek?”, asked Priya.

No way. There are only four of us and anyway, you girls always want to only hide. I think we should play Chor Police. Boys versus girls!”, said Navpreet with a smug face.

No...That's what you always want to play. Nooooo..” groaned Tulika.

I think we SHOULD play chor police! I really want to. Anyway, last time we played Dabba Gul, and that was YOUR choice!”, pointed out Gurpreet.

Tulika sensed something was up. Hesitantly she said, “Okay fine. But no girls versus boys. You'll split up.”

Okay!” said the boys together and smiled slyly. They chucked their play pods aside and were ready to play.

The usual 'Majority wins' was done to decide the teams and which team would play which role. Tulika and Gurpreet were in the police team and Priya and Navpreet in the other team.

Let the game begin. Navpreet smiled.

While the police team shut their eyes and counted to a hundred, Priya and Navpreet ran to hide.

Run to the other side, but stay close enough, so that I see you”, Navpreet instructed.

Priya ran and hid in a well groomed patch of bushes. She thought hard and made the leaves turn direction and cover her from all sides. The leaves obeyed slowly and made a layer over her head. Tiny beams of light filtered through.

Navpreet watched her. She was getting better with her telekinesis, he thought.

Gur, Priya is hiding close to me. Where are you?

Navpreet thought hard as he tried to send the stream to his brother. Distance and excitement during the game, made it harder.

Gur, Priya is hiding with me. Where you? Gurpreet wondered why she was with Navpreet.

Why is she with you? Make her go, so that I can catch her. Tulika is with me.

Tulika could sense it. The twins were just too excited. She could feel it. She tried to tap into Gurpreets emotions but couldn't seem to go beyond excitement, the feeling was too strong. “Can't wait to get my skills trained at school. It would be really helpful.”, she thought.

Priya sat under the foliage. She waited but no one seemed to be around. She thought she would try and tap into Tulika's mind to figure out where she was. Then Priya could decide her next move. She thought hard, unfortunately seeing into people's minds was not her thing. But she thought hard and concentrated..

She is not with me. She is hiding in the bushes near the fence. Around the corner.

She is with me, hiding in the bushes near the fence. Round the corner. After having heard this last stream Gurpreet was a bit irritated. As per the plan the 'chors' were supposed to separate.

Irritation. Tulika could sense his emotions changing. Gurpreet was irritated now. They were both walking together in the vast backyard that had lots of places to hide in. She kept trying to look into his emotions and then she realized...

Wham! Tulika had walked straight into a tree.

Gurpreet laughed pointing at her. He was rolling on a patch of synthetic grass (the kind you didn't need to water, it did that on it's own) with laughter.

Navpreet did you see that happen? She went straight into the tree. Haha..

Tulika was a bit embarrassed to say the least. And her nose hurt now. She made herself feel better by thinking about happy things. She tried to make herself “feel” happy, but it was hard to do that with her eyes watering. And now, she couldn't figure out what was happening with Gurpreet!

Still laughing Gurpreet asked,

Are you okay with continuing the game?”

Yes. Let's go.”

I think we should try the bushes, na?”'

They walked parallel to the fence, towards the bushes.

Priya was looking at a caterpillar and trying to focus on what Tulika was thinking. She tried so hard to concentrate, but nothing seemed to..

A hand came down on her back and tapped her. The leaves over her head moved and Gurpreet was standing there grinning. “Got you chor!!”, he said triumphantly.

Navpreet, I've caught her. And now...

And suddenly Gurpreet was crying. Crying like a baby. It was Tulika! She had been trying to figure out something.

Why am I crying?!”

She did this to me Navpreet. She did this..

Tulika looked at Gurpreet guiltily, it's me, “I was trying to find out what you were up to. I thought you were cheating.”

You made my brother cry! You made him cry!”, Navpreet came screaming from behind the resting-pod, where he had been hiding all along.

Are you mad? Why do you do this when you don't know how to use your secondary sense?!”, Navpreet shouted out and pushed Tulika behind.

I didn't mean to..And it was only..”

But you did! And that's also cheating!”

Stop fighting guys..Just listen to...”, Priya interjected. She tried to make them stop, just like how she could stop things from moving. But it didn't work, they were people and her mind couldn't do anything.

Gurpreet was still crying, “Just make it stop! Please.”

I am trying!!!” , Tulika was getting hassled.

“You have done enough, let me try and help my brother!”, Navpreet said angrily. He thought hard and went into Gurpreets mind. He tried to soothe him from there but it wouldn't work. Come on Gurpreet, you know I am there. We are brothers, let me help.

And suddenly like a door opened in Gurpreet's mind and Navpreet was in there. He could see everything. It was amazing and suddenly he could see everything that was his brother. He saw them eating donuts together and cotton candy, at the carnival. He saw them cutting their first birthday cake. A day at the carnival..A jester with his baton and ribbon, swinging it around...It was like he was Gurpreet. Suddenly, it went dark and Navpreet shivered inside his brother's mind.

Panic. Panic went through him like a bolt and suddenly he couldn't figure out what was happening. He was comfortable but something was out of place. He was in a box, and he wanted to get out..

And then before Gurpreet stopped crying, the sky started to cry. The drops came down on the four children like a blanket. Gurpreet wiped his face, not sure of whether it was his tears or the drops he was wiping of.

“Come inside. I don't want you'll to get a cold. NOW!” , ordered the twins' mother. Suddenly the boys came back to reality. Gurpreet was still crying. The boys ran into the house and straight up to their 'space'. Gurpreet was crying harder than before, he looked at himself in the reflector and the computer did a retina scan and said, “Welcome Grupreet, can I get you some warm clothes? It will get cold soon.”

“But I am Navpreet.”, Gurpreet said. “Negative. You have been identified as Gurpreet.”

“I am Gurpreet.”, said Navpreet in a slow soft voice. You got into my mind while we were playing and since you couldn't get out, I did. I didn't know what to do!

What the hell were you thinking? What was that for? And how many times have I told you we can't play with Tulika?

But..we always have fun.

I knew it! We shouldn't have played with her. Now we have to deal with this. What to do we do NOW?

I don't know Navpreet!

There was a long pause..

“We are stuck forever aren't we?”, they said in unison. They were twins after all..

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Visionary...

Each card has been illustrated with omission/ addition of symbols that mean something to me over the past few months. They represent ‘a state of mind’. Tarot Cards work on the concept of “Interpretation”, and I have tried to capture this through my understanding.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jonathun's Eye Twitched

Jonathun sat on the crumpled bed he hadn't gotten out for the past four days. He just sat there, looking out of the window, his eye twitched. The window was covered with grime and God knows what, and please note, not from the outside but from the inside thanks to the fact that Jonathun had never lifted a finger to keep his room clean. “It's a rented house, who cares??”, he justified. Every time the superintendent of the building knocked on his door and screamed about the foul odour Jonathun lay dead and just thought him away.

He hated the super, he was a dick who only cared about the rent and all Jonathun had to do was making him think he had paid up every month. In fact, there were times when he thought the super had been a little too cantankerous, he would make him walk the hallways with his pants down and pee on himself. It was easy, all Jonathun had to do was think.

Still looking out the window, his eye twitched. He wished he could think the world into liking him. He wished he hadn't left home that night. He had never been able to “Think” for his mother; she somehow always knew. He had been caught with his lies and a whole series of them. And then, he just left...

Friday, July 31, 2009

On a Cold Night

He sat here on his swivel chair that was obviously too small for him. He sat thinking about all the miserable vermin. All those pseudo mother fuckers who didn't have a back bone of their own. He looked around the room. The same room he had occupied for the past forty years with that picture of the Virgin Mary looking down at him. And now, on this cold night he wondered how he had come to be this flaccid bastard who just sat at home.
“I am turning into one of those idiots. Those country bumpkin kinds.”

This room was where his life had unfolded in front of his eyes. His first steps, his first joint, his first kiss, his first fuck...and now he felt like too much had happened here.

I've been here too long...”

He took a long drag of his cigarette.

She plonked herself on her bed in the adjacent room. Unlike her father next door, she had been here only some fourteen years. She wanted to leave. She felt like she had had too much of this place. She wanted to run away, get away from that old woman who had tried hard for the past eight years to replace her mother.

It's impossible. Why does she think she can replace my mother? She deserved to die, not mother.”

The thought tormented her soul and for years she planned her revenge. She planned and conspired to get that old woman for surviving the car accident.

She felt like she had waited far to long. But, what option did she have? A small seven year old hands couldn't have ripped the old woman's esophagus out with a fork even if she had tried with all her might. But now she was seven years stronger and the old woman was seven years weaker.

She would take advantage of the situation and tonight would be perfect..if only Johnny wasn't at home tonight sitting and smoking next door...

It was an unusually cold night. Across the hall, the chair creaked as she adjusted her shawl with fingers that could just about manage to hold the ends. She struggled slowly, to make sure she felt just warm enough. This was her favourite spot in the house, right next to the window. She looked out but the cold had fogged up the window. She sighed and almost like a reaction the lamp next to her chair flickered.

I must ask Johnny to fix up the window” , she made a mental note to herself.

But tonight was just so cold, she didn't want to move from her spot. The chair had the perfect depression and the springs creaked as she moved slowly, readjusting her shawl.

Four cigarettes later, the only thought that came into his mind was his daughter. She worried him. She was coming of age and the crazed look he saw in her eyes sometimes scared him. He knew what she was thinking. She was smarter than your average joe, but he was her father and he knew.

How do these thoughts even come into her head. She blames her grandmother for her mothers death. How can she expect me to sit here and watch.. How dare she think I will watch....”

Damn power cuts!!”

She smiled. It had just gotten colder, with the 100watt bulb off..or so it seemed.

The fork glistened in her hand. The was a sinister energy that she could feel. But she did nothing, not yet. But, she knew it had to be done.

It's now or never”, she giggled.

There was evil and it was around. This would be the last thing she did if she had to.

She had a purpose. She got up and made her way to the door.

She never quite got out...

He smoked his last cigarette as he quietly slipped out from the back door.

Mother would be safe now. She would be alright.

He had lived in that house far to long and tonight was perfect to just leave. He walked down the road humming softly, threw that piece of silverware and continued to walk without looking back.

Fuckers...All of 'em..”

Friday, May 15, 2009


"A couple of birds and lots of electric lines,
The trees, they all want to run wild.."

One of the illustrations I am currently working on from a series of city/ urban inspired vegetation, rendered on the computer. All the illustrations have a similar line quality.
The series is yet to be completed and I am not yet sure as to what direction I might want to take it in. But the work must continue... hmph!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


With a new found enthusiasm of using the pen tool..i am going try and work on illustrations using the computer..vector art and all that jazz. A very pathetic first attempt...more out of boredom than the earlier mentioned enthusiasm. None the less I hope to continue and get better at it??

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wrap it with Love!!

After lotsa of contemplation and lots of work with patterns I have finally decided to sell prints of my work. 
This here is a wrapping paper and card package that you can buy. For more details please get in touch with me at :

If there is anything you would like specifically made, it can be commissioned as well.  :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


 Another day and another reason to not work in class. When college acts uncooperative.. I choose to ignore and do my own thing. As my so called information design class continues, I just sit and illustrate or go into a parallel universe.
I illustrated this owl yesterday using only type. It was a fun exercise.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Illustrating Postcards

Illustrations for some self-promotional postcards, that I had made a while back.


Be Happy?

If I didn't leave so soon,
I would be there..

If I was brave and said what was on my mind,
I would get a reaction.

If I had the courage to take it,
I would have listened..

If I was fearless,
I would have screamed.

If I had let go,
I wouldn't be so scared holding on..

If I was sure of it all,
I would never break down this way.

If I cared less,
I would be so much happier right now.

If I wasn't as sensitive,
I'd be better off..

If I hadn't let my guard down,
I would be running alone.

If I didn't believe,

Friday, April 3, 2009


...And once again boredom strikes in class..dull, drab and boring lecture..
So I sit in class and draw, my ears shut out the noise and I am a happy person! Some detailed illustration to block everything out is always such good therapy.
I am tired of hearing about Carson and Brody (I like what they do..but really..lets move on)...tell me something new! Show me some one I haven't heard of before. How about a bit of Mike Perry or Loco Poco..
Post-modernism blah blah blah.....

Anyway, at the rate at which this class is going right now, I might just have to illustrate some more. But, what the hell.. atleast I end up doing something that I am interested in and I like..
Oh well, the class break is almost over and I must return to the world of Graphic Design History..

Thursday, April 2, 2009

IF: Poise... (a sunday well spent)

"Poise" for Illustration Friday. Largely done with poster paints and a wee bit of photoshop.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

IF: He Loves Me!!

Some subtraction, based on manipulation..leading to some mental satisfaction.