Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sexy @ 50

This was a super fun project that I worked on a last year (rather a few months back). The brief was to design a give-away at get-together/party that was being held for a few women who were turning 50. A group of ladies had decided to party sans husbands and celebrate this big milestone.

iPad covers definitely made a lot of sense and customized ones, specifically for the occasion even more. The idea for the design was to use elements from the "invite email" that had been sent out. Now, I'd rather not get into the (scandalous) content of the email :P , but I can tell you it was a great starting point for coming up with a colour palette, pattern and copy. If only briefs were as inspiring as that email.

The design was to be screen printed, since this iPad cover was to be given only to 15 ladies. So to keep it simple and sophisticated but cheap I stuck to a single colour print.

To start with, a "logo unit" was designed keeping in mind the tone of the party, the location and the year in which it was to be held.

Once this unit was done I went on to create the pattern. The idea was to really use the content of the email and illustrate it. The pattern would be on the inside of the ipad, therefore, for the eyes of the ladies only. Think... "Dirty Little Secret"...
And this is what the final iPad cover looked like, with a hint of naughtiness seen on the lining. 
Got a chance to learn not only about fabrics, but what goes into making an ipad cover.. stuff like foam, buttons, stitches etc. This was all thanks to Robin, the tailor who helped me out every step of the way.