Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lemon Tree's Second

I sit and wonder..
Should I be here? Right now..this very instant?
There are a thousand questions that go through my head..
What am I doing here?
Smoke....It's dim..
There's music all around..

I am contemplating my thoughts right now..
This is probably the weirdest thing I have ever said!
The music is really getting to me
I can't think...
But yet I am trying to (make sense)

Okay..now I sound stupid and I sound as if I want to be all profound and random
But really that's not what I am trying to do!!

It's just that I walked from Brigade Road to Gutahalli
Can't believe I did it..
But I was walking and walking and thinking about these random things
Watching as cars passed me by..I just thought about what those people lives were like
It's a habit I have had forever!

Hmmmm....randomness to the core..


Anonymous said...

lemon tree... just wondering whether your blog is JUST random or if it has a sense of meaning to it ... all i noticed was that in every entry of yours...the first paragraph had the word random in it.... so i was just wondering how anyone would be so..well random! are you writing for a certain clique of people? ....a blog is meant to be read by anyone!

Anonymous said...

hey really liked your blog..

LemonTree said...

I have just written because I felt like it.
The blog is for anyone to read...
You make take whatever you want out of it.
The entries are left open to your interpretation.