Wednesday, August 6, 2008

i HATE doing this

Format: Dialogue (Conversation)

I hate doing this. I hate buying condoms. Every time you go to the market and buy a packet you know you are going to get judged. You know what people are thinking. You know they are all thinking one thing, “She’s getting Laaaid! She’s going to fuck someone! Pre-marital sex!”

Prakash Medicals. I had never been to this drug-store before. Hopefully it will be the last time I would ever come here. I hate doing this!

“Bhaiya, ek packet condoms please”

He didn’t have any expression on his face. But the aunty standing next to me gave me the dirts. I could almost hear her think, “These children today. Koi sanskar hi nahi. Ashleel harkateein.”

“Yes. Which brand?”

“I don’t know. Anything!! Anything that works and won’t have me pregnant! Just give me what you have. If I knew exactly what I wanted I would have told you earlier .I would have kept this conversation short. I hate doing this!”

“Umm.. Durex dena.”

“Madam, which type. Ribbed? Dotted? Normal? Ya…”

“Normal please”

“This is ridiculous. The guy wants to fuck me for god sakes. Not freaking make me see god through an orgasm!”

“Flavour nahi chahiye? Chocolate… Strawberry… Vanilla. Lots of people like banana you know?”

“Normal, bhaaiya!”

“I am not interested in sucking lollipops!Ughhh.. I hate doing this!”

The aunty by now wanted to give me a lecture. But I ignored her. “Jealous woman!”


Rohan Eden said...

Short and sweet.... i guess the topic by itself is so gripping ;) well written Neeti Gokhalay....

Vedang said...

Guys can face the same problem, albeit in another way.. if you look even the slightest bit shifty when you ask for Asprin, you get handed a pack of condoms. Can be pretty embarrassing if your Dad's standing behind you!

LemonTree said...

^^I see you speak from personal experience??!!

Vedang said...

nah! happened to a friend.. I'm nearly 22 n I have no experience! Greatest complaint of my life!