Saturday, December 6, 2008

India's next Terrorist??!

 After the terrorist blasts happened in Mumbai, perhaps the only thing that was almost as appalling as the act, was one man.. Arnab Goswami.
 I would generally choose not to comment on people, since it's a rather subjective matter. But, for once, I've felt so strongly that I chose not to ignore it. Arnab Goswami, Editor-In-Chief of Times Now is a pathetic loser. If one cannot be unbiased while being a journalist/ Tv anchor, what's the point? Your job is to deliver the news as it is, not with your own views and prejudices. 
  It was really sad to see him harp on and on about how the terrorist the police caught was a Pakistani. He didn't have to stress on his nationality. People can figure things out for themselves. To treat your audiences as dim-wits is pathetic.
  His anti-Pakistan propaganda really pissed me off.
  I understand, what happened was very tragic. But, your duty, Mr. Goswami is to read the news, not preach it. 
  Anger rages through me as I recap, in my mind, watching him on Tv. And it's not just his love for vanquishing Pakistan that sickens me, but the fact that he chooses to display it on national television. What is he trying to do, brainwash some more Indian's into having feelings of negativity towards Pakistan?
  Why bring more hate into a world, where there is more than enough of it already?
  It's rather unfortunate that he is one of the leading faces of Indian news broadcasting on Tv.


Vedang said...

I second you on this.

Anonymous said...

AG is such a ponce ! What a twit, a pathetic excuse for an anchor-man. He should be made to watch all his 4-days of non-stop non-sense non-sequitur Mumbai coverage, again and again, till he realizes the full measure of the trauma he inflicts on hapless viewers with his dim ideas and shrill voice ! Would love to see him wear a yellow bow-tie.