Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sunday Market

For a recent class assignment I went to city market to click photographs for inspiration. And then from some of these photographs I developed a series of four postcards.
The Sunday Market at City Market is an mad house. Crowded, cluttered and cut throat sales. You can find everything right from undergarments to washing machines. The whole road is crowded vendors on either side selling goods. People haggling, each one trying to make a buck in the utter chaos.
While I walked around I came across some boys who were busy selling some products and all of them wanted to be clicked (they saw the D-SLR in my hand..)

So the four postcards that I have made showcase the products they sold and their faces. Each product has been used to generate a pattern to represent the chaos, the constant cycle of sales and consumption and the spirit salesmanship of these boys.


Prashanth said...

City Market!!
I hate to go to that place, that too in summer!!

Those boys seem happy about what they are doing!

Neeti said...'s crowded yes. But that's what gives it character.. The place is like a treasure chest..u can always find something interesting and something that can b put to good use.

As for the boys..they are an enthusiastic bunch!

s.H.a.S.h.I said...

hey neeti u got a nice blog.. nice i never thgt city market is a gud place for photography...

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