Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Guys and A Whale: Branding

This was an exciting project with a very cool client. My client is Venkatesh Nayak who is a vocalist. He was starting a new band with the name "Guys and a Whale", and if you know him.. you'd know know whose the whale was. :P
Anyway.. the genre is "stuff that can be heard and understood almost clearly".. a.k.a... Easy Listening.
So we decided the logo HAD TO have a whale in it.. and that was basically the starting point. The first step for me was to draw out a couple of whales and see what Venky had to say.

So after this I started playing around with what was possible with the mammal and the text. I had an idea of it being in a circle for which the first whale in the sketch worked rather well. Next step was to scan that bit and start working on illustrator.. Initially the whale was what I worked on, trying to finish it up a little while trying to make the form fit into an invisible circle. At this point the name of the band changed from the early 4 guys and a whale to just Guys and a Whale. Thankfully, not a major design change. At this stage got another approval from the client, just to make sure I was moving in the right direction. And from that approval onwards.. the struggle to get the type to work started.
Here are some of the iterations with typograhpy. I started out with some standard fonts to see if those would work.. Thanks to which my computer screen looked something like this (basically, not very pretty):

I knew I needed something else.. So I decided to develop my own type.. (something I am rather petrified of doing, coz it had been ages.. PLUS the rule of typography aren't exactly my best friends.)
None the less I thought I'd give it a try..

Once I got a hang of that, adding the type for the "and a' was the next challenge. Finally a couple of 100 fonts later, I'd like to believe I go it right (for a second I even gave up the custom type I had designed):

But finally (good) sense prevailed. And here is the final logo...

Venky decided to use the logo without the circle around it and it's now making rounds on Facebook.

Do check out the Guys and A Whale Facebook page. Some good music on it..
Totally had a blast of working on this logo, and it shows...AWESOME CLIENTS FTW!

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