Friday, July 31, 2009

On a Cold Night

He sat here on his swivel chair that was obviously too small for him. He sat thinking about all the miserable vermin. All those pseudo mother fuckers who didn't have a back bone of their own. He looked around the room. The same room he had occupied for the past forty years with that picture of the Virgin Mary looking down at him. And now, on this cold night he wondered how he had come to be this flaccid bastard who just sat at home.
“I am turning into one of those idiots. Those country bumpkin kinds.”

This room was where his life had unfolded in front of his eyes. His first steps, his first joint, his first kiss, his first fuck...and now he felt like too much had happened here.

I've been here too long...”

He took a long drag of his cigarette.

She plonked herself on her bed in the adjacent room. Unlike her father next door, she had been here only some fourteen years. She wanted to leave. She felt like she had had too much of this place. She wanted to run away, get away from that old woman who had tried hard for the past eight years to replace her mother.

It's impossible. Why does she think she can replace my mother? She deserved to die, not mother.”

The thought tormented her soul and for years she planned her revenge. She planned and conspired to get that old woman for surviving the car accident.

She felt like she had waited far to long. But, what option did she have? A small seven year old hands couldn't have ripped the old woman's esophagus out with a fork even if she had tried with all her might. But now she was seven years stronger and the old woman was seven years weaker.

She would take advantage of the situation and tonight would be perfect..if only Johnny wasn't at home tonight sitting and smoking next door...

It was an unusually cold night. Across the hall, the chair creaked as she adjusted her shawl with fingers that could just about manage to hold the ends. She struggled slowly, to make sure she felt just warm enough. This was her favourite spot in the house, right next to the window. She looked out but the cold had fogged up the window. She sighed and almost like a reaction the lamp next to her chair flickered.

I must ask Johnny to fix up the window” , she made a mental note to herself.

But tonight was just so cold, she didn't want to move from her spot. The chair had the perfect depression and the springs creaked as she moved slowly, readjusting her shawl.

Four cigarettes later, the only thought that came into his mind was his daughter. She worried him. She was coming of age and the crazed look he saw in her eyes sometimes scared him. He knew what she was thinking. She was smarter than your average joe, but he was her father and he knew.

How do these thoughts even come into her head. She blames her grandmother for her mothers death. How can she expect me to sit here and watch.. How dare she think I will watch....”

Damn power cuts!!”

She smiled. It had just gotten colder, with the 100watt bulb off..or so it seemed.

The fork glistened in her hand. The was a sinister energy that she could feel. But she did nothing, not yet. But, she knew it had to be done.

It's now or never”, she giggled.

There was evil and it was around. This would be the last thing she did if she had to.

She had a purpose. She got up and made her way to the door.

She never quite got out...

He smoked his last cigarette as he quietly slipped out from the back door.

Mother would be safe now. She would be alright.

He had lived in that house far to long and tonight was perfect to just leave. He walked down the road humming softly, threw that piece of silverware and continued to walk without looking back.

Fuckers...All of 'em..”


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tightly written.
Interesting read.

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