Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jonathun's Eye Twitched

Jonathun sat on the crumpled bed he hadn't gotten out for the past four days. He just sat there, looking out of the window, his eye twitched. The window was covered with grime and God knows what, and please note, not from the outside but from the inside thanks to the fact that Jonathun had never lifted a finger to keep his room clean. “It's a rented house, who cares??”, he justified. Every time the superintendent of the building knocked on his door and screamed about the foul odour Jonathun lay dead and just thought him away.

He hated the super, he was a dick who only cared about the rent and all Jonathun had to do was making him think he had paid up every month. In fact, there were times when he thought the super had been a little too cantankerous, he would make him walk the hallways with his pants down and pee on himself. It was easy, all Jonathun had to do was think.

Still looking out the window, his eye twitched. He wished he could think the world into liking him. He wished he hadn't left home that night. He had never been able to “Think” for his mother; she somehow always knew. He had been caught with his lies and a whole series of them. And then, he just left...


nanda said...

to be continued??

Neeti said...

yes possibly... :)