Saturday, March 27, 2010


Design for a wine bottle which would contain in it, the sci-fi story Anomalous Structures of My Dreams by Shayne M. Bell.

The structure has been created using sheets that are about 220gsm.

A quote from the story:
Mr. Schumberg's projects had combined with the other projects escaped from his laboratory to create monstrous machines they had never intended.


ILAJNA said...

Neat! So the if this bottle ever existed, will the packaging be made out of paper or will it be a part of the bottle somehow?

But looks very futuristic..

Neeti said...'s a one off piece..
but i guess it would be paper but more sturdy (almost part of the bottle)

Devashish said...

looks awesome in the pictures, i think the bottle looks great in glass too :) The triangular forms work as an alien form but probably looked big on the bottle. Overall its very futuristic and i likeee :) i like its dysfunctionality, i think it works in your case..