Friday, March 26, 2010

WOOF maadi! Campaign

Before I came into this world,my family already had our first dog.
I was the +1 to this family.
I have since loved dogs and rarely seen stray dogs as a threat. But, I have watched my friends run from not just strays but even from the domestic dogs.
At the end of the day, we must understand that like all humans, dogs have similar emotions..they may not speak..
But living on the street is not something any of us like and it has nothing to do with being a human or a dog...

The “WOOF maadi!” campaign is an attempt at trying to get the people of Bangalore to nurture a relationship with a stray dog, that could lead to a possible adoption.

Some early sketches:

Some of the work from the campaign:






Vedang said...

I love the photo! the dog's expression is priceless!

Neeti said...

alas...the photo is not my work!!!
found it online...

wish i had clicked it myself!! :P

nanda said...

i liked how the dog wags his tail in the early sketches. just 2 pairs of parallel lines to imply it. :D ! very good.!

Satish said...

Rockstar Neeti!!!! :)